Private Investigator Certificate of Completion

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Here is an example of the certificate of completion given to graduates of our online private investigation course:

Private Investigator School Training Certificate of Completion

Private Investigator Training Certificate of Completion

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8 Responses to “Private Investigator Certificate of Completion”

  1. Some P.I.’s have badges as well. How do you get a badge, do you need a badge?

  2. is this school helpful in gaining employment? Any graduates out there? Contact me, I’d like to know how it went for you and if you are happy and thriving in the PI field.

  3. Any school you graduate from is helpful, i did a online course but from a different site, it was fun…it’s mostly reading and then an open book test. P.I work is fun, it’s not for everyone…well it also depends in what field, i mostly do surveillance so its long hours but i love it.

  4. What other school did you try? Was it worth the cost?

  5. Danny, what state do you work as a p.i. in?
    Is your only formal private investigative training via the online course? If so, how well do you feel it prepared you for actually doing the work capably and being compensated enough to make a living financially doing so?

  6. I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and no studying to obtain a master’s degree in justice administration and security. Is this enough education be become an private investigator?

  7. captain vedaste Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 10:44 am

    i am really interested in those private investigator
    and i would like to know about how i can begin those causes .

  8. Is this the only certificate needed to obtain the private investigator license?

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